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Tips to Attract People

Have you simply needed to know how a few people can be loved by such a variety of? It might appear to you that wherever they go, they have a tendency to pull in individuals to them.

While they’re doing all the drawing in, it might appear as though you’re doing the repulsing. You may feel like you’re doing likewise as the other individual, however yet nothing appears to work for you.

So what gives?

One thing about being human is that we get ravenous. We persuade hungry to be encouraged. Furthermore, What should be bolstered? We have to get our sense of self’s nourished.

When somebody lets you know “NO”, do you feel terrible and get even by revealing to them how dumb and unmindful they are for not going along with you? Then again do you simply leave it alone and perhaps ask them for what valid reason?

Many individuals in the system advertising industry find annoyed by the solution “NO”. So what do we do? They strike back by giving them a negative reaction. Presently on the off chance that you were the other individual, would you allude business to somebody that gives a negative reaction? Not likely, huh?

Why ruin your reputation by referring business to an asshole that can’t take “NO” for an answer, right? They just missed a great opportunity just from their attitude.

Attitude is the key! And having a great attitude towards yourself will reflect a great attitude towards others. People who have low self-esteem that are either very shy or very controlling are usually the one’s that have a hard time in this business.

Now imagine feeding the great attitude you have about yourself to other’s as far as their ego. When you see other’s as yourself and genuinely feeding their ego as you would want people to feed yours will take you a long way. Especially in business!

In Les Giblin’s book “HOW TO HAVE CONFIDENCE AND POWER IN DEALING WITH PEOPLE” he talks about the 3 secrets of attracting people which he calls The Triple-A Formula.


ACCEPTANCE – Accept people for who they are. I know this is something many people struggle with, including myself, but if you’re always judging people and not letting them be who they are they why would they want to be around you? A lot of us always come with a criteria for others in order for us to like them. People, including ourselves want people to be accepted. For some of us network marketers, a lot of people won’t accept us because we’re in the network marketing industry. This would include family and friends. So accept others as you would want others to accept you.

APPROVAL -Find something in others that you approve. A lot of people, including ourselves are looking for approval in whatever they do. If someone where’s mix-match socks, show that you approve of their uniqueness, if someone talks a certain way, approve how much you like the way they talk, if someone organize things in a certain way, approve it. Whatever the case may be find something about the other person that you can approve sincerely and you’ll see how they change their behavior for the better.

APPRECIATION – Genuinely show your appreciation in others. Appreciate simply means to raise the value of, like house is done in real estate. When you show how much you appreciate others, you’re showing how valuable others are to you. Treat people as individuals showing they there’s something special about each one of them instead of as a whole. When you’re able to do this, you’ll start to attract more and more people to you.

When you’re able to attract people in general then you’ll find it more easy to attract them as prospects. I’m not saying to use this as a strategy and then go for the kill. No, no, no. Use this in everyday life in general, in this it’ll be more natural for you. And the opportunity to help people who are looking for what you have as for as business opportunity, services, or products will be manifested to you. It’s crazy how that works, but definitely both parties will benefit.